ARUP Email Visualization

We have recently been working with ARUP – Digital Innovation on a range of visualizations. As one of OOM Creative’s design services we add value to client data by translating large and complex datasets into interactive and informative visualizations.


In this project we worked with ARUP to translate email, file and project billable hours into an interactive presentation entitled – The Secret Live of Projects. The project illustrates the relationships between human and digital activity by visualising the digital shadow (files, emails etc) of a project as it unfolds over time.

ARUP SLP Info Visuals from OOM CREATIVE on Vimeo

One of the most interesting visualizations to come from the project plots an email archive over time as shown in the video above. It’s a unique piece of visualization that grows an email network purely from tracing who first introduces another recipient into the email network. The visualization also shows:
- the different locations of the people through color (blue = city 1, yellow = city 2, grey = NA)
- the billable hours for the project for each person through the size of the node
- who is sending and receiving emails, through the pulsing and decay of the nodes, and if not part of the email conversation the node fades over time.

Other visualizations in the presentation included the a matrix of email senders aligned to cost centres, and a stack visualization of the 10000 files used in the project.